Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust

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Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust is a charity dedicated to improving and raising awareness of the fish populations and freshwater habitats in the Kyle of Sutherland catchment area.

We work with river owners, managers, anglers, government agencies and others.

Our Rivers

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Kyle of Sutherland boasts an enormously diverse range of rivers and lochs. To find out more click on an individual name below.

The Rivers

Welcome to the Kyle of Sutherland, the location of some of northern Scotland’s finest salmon angling.

The Kyle of Sutherland is the natural tidal estuary for the Rivers Carron, Oykel, Cassley, Shin and Evelix with their many tributaries, burns and fresh water lochs. Together they drain 163,647 hectares of land and amount to some 46 miles of tidal zone, 70 miles of principal rivers, 400 miles of tributaries and 61 named lochs and lochans.

Centuries ago the four main Kyle of Sutherland rivers, the Carron, Oykel, Cassley and Shin, were seen as the tributaries of one main system. Indeed a cursory glance at a map would lead many to reach such a conclusion. If they were actually one river, the latter would on the basis of its combined salmon rod catch (between 3500 and 4000 annually) rank just below the four “great” Scottish salmon rivers.

However although the Kyle rivers share a common estuary, they each have their own individual characteristics as well as distinct runs of salmon. These are wild, rugged yet strangely intimate rivers, which offer a wealth of salmon angling opportunities amongst some of the most stunningly scenic backdrops in the Highlands.