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Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust is a charity dedicated to improving and raising awareness of the fish populations and freshwater habitats in the Kyle of Sutherland catchment area.

We work with river owners, managers, anglers, government agencies and others.

Our Rivers

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Kyle of Sutherland boasts an enormously diverse range of rivers and lochs. To find out more click on an individual name below.

Kyle Of Sutherland District Salmon Fisheries Board

Statutory responsibilities of the Kyle of Sutherland Fishery Board

The Kyle of Sutherland District Salmon Fisheries Board (KoSDSFB) was established under the 1860s Salmon Fishery legislation as subsequently amended and presently stated in the Salmon Act 1986 and the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Act 2001. It is empowered under the legislation to take such acts as it considers expedient for the protection, enhancement and conservation of Atlantic salmon and sea trout stocks, and also has a duty to ensure the general protection and enhancement of the fishery (points below).

  • Provide fishery protection
  • Police the purchase and sale of illegally caught and unseasonable fish;
  • Ensure fish passage over obstructions to migrations;
  • Protect juvenile fish and spawning redds;

In addition, the KoSDSFB will endeavour to:
*Reverse the trend in the decline of adult Atlantic salmon by implementing policies that safeguard and enhance the natural spawning stock throughout the Kyle region.

  • Conduct habitat, population and migration assessments to guide management strategies.
  • Encourage good conservation policies to stop over exploitation of salmon at every level but in particular the discreet populations.
  • Conserve and establish sustainable fisheries for Atlantic salmon and freshwater pearl mussel according to the SAC designations on the River Oykel and Cassley and for common seals in the Dornoch Firth.
  • Extend fishery awareness by promoting through education and through regular exchange of information the importance of recreational angling to local schools, community and local government.
  • Raise the profile of the economic, cultural and environmental importance of the five Kyle rivers to the local area among residents and visiting anglers.

Board Members
The current Chairman is Robbie Douglas Miller, with fellow members being Alex Hunter, John Green, Nicky Griffiths, Gary Gruber, Michael Hasson, William Paterson, George Skinner, Calvert Stinton, Ashe Windham and Richard Sankey.

Catchment and Administration Boundaries
The water catchment of the Kyle of Sutherland and Dornoch Firth extending eastwards to a line from Tarbat Ness lighthouse to Embo Point.

The Rivers Carron, Shin, Cassley, Oykel and Evelix are the principal rivers of the Kyle region.

A dissected plateau underlain by Moinian rocks of semi-pelitic granulites and granite with some schists, gneisses and quartzites. The area is fringed to the east by Old Red Sandstone - mainly sandstones and conglomerates with some shales. Soils in the Kyle of Sutherland basin are of the Arkaig Association formed from drifts derived from the underlying rock. Typically organic in nature, soil types of the watershed range from brown earths to peats.

Hydro-electric Power
Three of the five Kyle rivers, the Carron, Cassley and Shin are affected by hydro-electric power schemes. The Shin scheme is the most important as it has consistent water flow though the holding capacity of Loch Shin and this can guarantee an agreed level of water flow. The Carron and Cassley are primarily diversionary schemes and have limited holding capacity, therefore are unable to supply a consistent summer flow. Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) operates and controls the hydro schemes and we currently enjoy an excellent working relationship with them. They regularly financially support much of the conservation and scientific work carried out within the catchment.

Meeting Dates 2017
12th April 2017 - Annual Public Meeting followed by Ordinary Board Meeting.
9th June 2017 - Ordinary Board Meeting
6th October 2017 - Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors and Elections
All are welcome to attend. All meetings are held at the office unless otherwise specified. For further details please contact the office

Notices & Agendas
Notices and Agendas will be added approximately 1 week prior to each meeting.

Agenda Board Ordinary Meeting 9th June 2017

Minutes and Accounts
Draft Mins of Ordinary Board Meeting June 2017

Draft Mins of Annual Public Meeting April 2017

Draft Mins of Ordinary Board Meeting April 2017

Accounts 2016
Mins of Ordinary Meeting November 2016
Draft Mins of AMQP November 2016
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Mins of Annual Public Meeting April 2016

Mins of AMQP Nov 2015
Mins of Ordinary Meeting Nov 2015
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Mins of Annual Public Meeting March 2015

Mins of Annual Proprietors Meeting September 2014
Mins of Ordinary Meeting Sept 2014
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Mins of Annual Public Meeting March 2014

Mins of 2013 AGM
Mins of Board Meeting Sept 2013